What is change without adoption?

Interactive Learning Made Easy!

You have spent so much time and money on your project and you’re ready to launch. The proof is in the adoption. We’ve made training easy and fun, unlocking user adoption. For a fraction of the project’s investment, complete the total experience with fun and interactive learning.

Watch Me

We all need a point of reference when learning something new. “Watch Me” is intended to provide context, rationale, and instructions before the user attempts it themselves. The inventory of Watch Me videos can serve as recurring user guides or quick instructional videos.

Try Me

Now that you’ve seen how it’s done. You want to get hands-on in a safe environment. Rinse and repeat your knowledge until you’re comfortable. “Try Me,” go ahead, press some buttons! The interactive learning module highlights the rationale for the selection. Try again.

Test Me

You are growing confident in applying the knowledge you have gained through trial and error, but you’re not quite ready to work in the production environment. We’ve got you covered.  “Test Me” is designed to remove all hints and replicates the experience.  This last step replicates the experience without an IT-data-managed sandbox.

Customize Options

Make the e-learning experience come off the page, by enhancing watch me, try me test me with: 

✓ Custom Videos
✓ Animation
✓ Infographics

Let us help you unlock the power of interactive learning to transform your learning investment